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Residential Latex Paint Removal | Mello Disposal

Latex Paint Removal

Latex Paint is a water based nonhazardous liquid that will solidify when the lids are removed from the containers and paint is allowed to dry out.

  1. Purchase only the amount of latex paint needed to do the job.
  2. Give leftover latex paint away.
  3. If you have left over latex paint TAKE THE LID OFF allowing paint to dry to a solid. The more paint the longer it will take to dry.
  4. To help ftw drying process ADD KITTY LITTER (Clay Based Only) to the opened can.
  5. When dried to a solid, LID-LESS paint may be disposed of with your regular trash.
  6. This will only work for LATEX PAINT not OIL BASED PAINT.
  7. Half cans of LATEX PAINT will dry out in approximately 5 days, 2 days with KITTY LITTER.
  8. New or full cans of LATEX PAINT can still be disposed of through the HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE PROGRAM.