We will not be picking up trash and recycling on Tuesday, March 13 due to the impending blizzard. All pickups will be delayed one day.
Tuesday pick ups will be Wednesday
Wednesday pick ups will be Thursday
Thursday pick ups will be Friday
Friday pick ups will be Saturday
*Exceptions Newburyport downtown businesses will remain Friday and South Hampton will remain on Friday also.
The Newbury Transfer Station will be closed. We are still making a decision on the Georgetown Transfer Station and will our Facebook page should we decide to close.

Stay safe!

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!


The Town of Merrimac uses single stream automated recycling. All curbside recycling can be placed in the same recycling bin. You may purchase a wheeled, 64-gallon recycling toter from G. Mello Disposal for $70 (while supplies last). To purchase a toter, please call the office at 978-352-8581.

Recycling will be collected on Wednesdays for all Pay as You Throw customers. Private collection schedule will not be affected by this change. We will follow current street A/B week schedule, therefore on July 2nd it will be B week, July 9th it will be A week.

Recycling is available to all residents who are eligible for municipal trash collection. Multi-unit apartment dwellings over six units and trailer park units are not eligible for recycling pickup. For recycling information please see your building management.

Recycle bins are collected every other week biweekly on Wednesdays (street listing) on your trash collection day.  Place recyclables at the curb by 7:00 AM on the morning of collection, and not before 6:00 PM on the evening prior to collection.

Recycling will be delayed by one day on weeks in which a major holiday fall on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Christmas Day.

In the event of inclement weather, collection may be delayed a day. Tune into Channel 18 for delay information. Please use discretion when putting out recyclables on windy days or in bad weather. Drivers are not responsible for picking up items that blow around.

Click here for more information on single stream recycling