Street Listings

Holiday Reminder: We will not be working on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28. There will be a one day delay on all trash and recycling pickups for the entire week.

Recycling-Street List

A Week
Abbott St.                                                      Belmore Rd
Ashley Ln                                                      Billings Rd
Battis Rd                                                        Birchmeadow Rd And Loop
Brush Hill Rd                                                Chase Crescent Rd
Burnside                                                        Clement Pl
Church St                                                      Equestrian Way
East Main St-Fire Station Side                 Farrington Field Rd
Fairfield Ave                                                 Greenleaf Circle
Forest St                                                        Gunnison Dr
Grove St                                                         Hadley & West Hadley
Harriman Rd                                                 Hansom Dr
Heather Cir                                                   Heathbrook & Heath Rd
Judkins Ct                                                     Highland Rd
Liberty St                                                       Huse Rd
Lincoln St                                                      Jakobek Way
Littles Ct                                                         Landau Ln
Madison Way                                                Mapleton Rd
Maple St                                                        Mechanic St
Moonlit Way                                                  Nichols St
Noyes Ln                                                       Old Bear Hill Rd
Orchard St                                                    Pinehurst Rd
Pine St                                                           Ridgefield Rd
Pinehurst                                                      Stevens Terrace
Pleasant St                                                   Town Forest Rd
Prospect St & Hill                                      Union St
Railroad Ave                                               West Main St-Fire Station Side
Red Oak Acres                                            West Parish Ln
Sawyer St                                                      Westminster Rd
Spring St                                                       Whittier Dr
Summer St                                                    Willowdale Dr
Vendome                                                       Winter St

East and West Main St is divided down the middle of the street             _____________________________________________________________

B Week
Adams St                                                       Ahern Circle
Attitash Ave                                                   Alnette Rd
Bancroft Lane                                               Bear Hill Rd
Bartlett St                                                       Central St
Bisson Ln                                                      Chestnut St
Broad St                                                         Colby Ave
Burnside Ln                                                  Colgan Rd
Carriage Ct                                                    Colonial Dr
Champion St                                                  Currier Ave
Dunvegan Dr                                                Delphi Ct
E. Main-Library Side                                   Green St
Emery St                                                        Greystone Rd
Federal Wy                                                    Lake Ave
Glenn Rd                                                       Lane’s Ten Acre Rd.
High St                                                           Little Pond Rd
Hillside Ave                                                   Locust St
Lakeside Ter                                                 Locust Grove Rd
Lakeview Ave                                               Middle St
Lakewood                                                      Mythical St
Lancaster Ct                                                 Pleasant St
Meadow Ave                                                 Pleasant View Ave
Merrimac Ave                                                Middle Rd
Mill St                                                             Mountain Ave
North St                                                         Oak Circle
Pine Bluff Ave                                              River Rd
School St                                                       Shore Rd
Skunk Rd                                                      South Pleasant St
Spencer Way                                                Spring Hill Rd
Sunset Ter                                                    Tannery Ln
Thorndike Ave                                             Timothy Rd
Union St                                                        Vale St
Valley St                                                        Wallace Way
Walnut St                                                      W. Main-Library Side
West Shore Rd & Circle                            Winthrop Ave

East and West Main St is divided down the middle of the street