Aluminum Cans

aluminum cans


cardboard boxes

Be sure to flatten all cardboard.
Do not include: items with food residue (e.g., pizza boxes) or boxes with a wax coating. Remove plastic linings from cereal boxes.




aliminum cans


Any tin or aluminum food cans, baking pans or foil. Empty and rinse. Okay to leave labels and lids attached to cans. Please flatten to save space.

Do not include:
Loose can ends, cans with plastic or paper parts (example: frozen juice containers), oil-based paint cans, auto parts, scrap metal, propane cylinders, chemicals or paints, aerosol spray cans.





platic  types

Clean plastic containers of all types with the recycling symbol #1 – #7 with the exception of Styrofoam.

Do not include:
Styrofoam (even if it has a #6 recycling symbol), plastic bags, plastic wrap, plastic toys and tools, Plexiglas, pieces of plastic and any container or item not clearly marked #1 through #7.

How to prepare:
Remove caps and lids and rinse containers and milk/juice cartons (plastic spouts okay). Clean plastic plant pots are accepted if they have a recycling symbol. You do not need to remove labels. If you don’t know which plastic containers are recyclable, here are the symbols (usually on the bottom) you need to look for: (on left)