We will not be picking up trash and recycling on Tuesday, March 13 due to the impending blizzard. All pickups will be delayed one day.
Tuesday pick ups will be Wednesday
Wednesday pick ups will be Thursday
Thursday pick ups will be Friday
Friday pick ups will be Saturday
*Exceptions Newburyport downtown businesses will remain Friday and South Hampton will remain on Friday also.
The Newbury Transfer Station will be closed. We are still making a decision on the Georgetown Transfer Station and will our Facebook page should we decide to close.

Stay safe!

Reuse Tips:


  • Take food to work or school in a reusable container
  • Use plastic or paper grocery bags to line trash cans
  • Use glass containers for storage
  • Keep old paper for taking phone messages
  • Hold a garage sale
  • Donate old clothing or furniture to a thrift shop.

Be a Smart Shopper:

  • Avoid buying disposable products when possible
  • Buy only what you need and use it up
  • Buy larger sizes or use concentrates
  • Avoid products with excess packaging

For additional tips, see the Environmental Protection Agency’s Consumer’s Handbook for Reducing Solid Waste.