Please remember:

  • Bulky items like furniture and carpet  (cut in 4-ft. sections) must have a bulk sticker attached. Bulk stickers can be purchased at Health Dept in City Hall for $5 per item, one item  per week. No white goods or metal items allowed. Prices subject to change.
  • Mattresses and box springs need $15 stickers in order to be picked up as trash. However, some mattresses in good condition may qualify for re-use (free pickup), and nearly all qualify for recycling, which costs $10. Call 978-499-0413 for details.
  • Construction materials (including toilets and sinks) are not allowed in the trash and must be taken to a disposal site.
  • Latex paint can be dried and thrown out in your trash without a lid;  use kitty litter for fast drying.
  • Trash is limited to 5 bags or 3 (35 gal) barrels per household each week. Barrels 64 gallons and larger will not be picked up.
  • No large wood items will be accepted at the curb.
  • Trash pick up may be delayed during Bagged Leaf and Christmas Tree weeks.
  • Put trash out after 5 pm or before 7 am.


Bagged Leaves & Christmas Trees

  • Bagged leaf collections will take place on your  regular trash day the following weeks Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 30 (2015) and April 25, May 9 (2016).
  • Place leaves in brown leaf bags or loose in a marked barrel.  Please do not overfill bags.
  • Leaves will be going to a farm for composting so please keep trash out of the leaf bags.
  • Christmas Tree Collections will take place on regular trash day during the month of January only.
  • Trees over 6 feet must be cut down in size.
  • Trash pick up may be delayed by up to two hours on leaf collection days and Christmas Tree weeks.