White Goods

white-goodsWhite goods, i.e. washers, dryers and refrigerators (remove door), microwaves, air conditioners, freezers, stove/range, double ovens, stack laundry and dehumidifiers may be dropped off on the first Saturday of every month at the Crow Lane Recycling Center for a fee.

Some appliances contain ozone depleting substances such as Freon. These substances, if released to the environment, destroy the protective ozone layer above the earth. More modern refrigerators and freezers manufactured since 1994 contain ozone friendly replacement hydrofluorcarbons. By 2003 all new refrigerators and freezers were manufactured without ozone depleting substances. However, the ozone friendly refrigerants still need careful handling to reduce damage to the atmosphere.

Refrigerators: $15
Air Conditioners: $10
Dehumidifiers: $10
Microwaves: $1
Dishwashers: $10
Freezers $15
Stove $10
Laundry $10 each, stacked $20

Do not include: gas tanks, propane or Freon tanks, 55-gallon drums or ammunition. Caution: do not damage refrigerant tubing or release Freon into the air.

Other items
Televisions and Computer Disposal BOX-Q in Georgetown or Allied Computer Brokers in Amesbury will accept TVs and computer monitors.

Also see www.cityofnewburyport.com for additional collection times.