Town of West Newbury

Automated Curbside Trash, Recycling and Bulk Item Collection


 What is automated trash and recycling collection?

Automated collection services use a single, one-person vehicle with a mechanical arm to empty town provided wheeled trash and recycling carts and returns them to their original curbside position. Each cart will be barcoded and scanned upon delivery with GPS coordinates recorded to ensure proper delivery. Carts can also be identified by the serial number on the front of the cart. It is recommended that you write this number in a safe place or take a picture of it in the event your cart is stolen. G. Mello will be identifying carts with your address on top of the cart lid; however, resident may also write their address on the side of the cart in bold print with permanent marker.


When is the town changing to automated collection?

The town will be switching to automated collection on June 1, 2021. Delivery of carts will be during the month of May 2021 and the automated collections will begin the first week of June 2021 (and will follow the holiday schedule). YOU MAY USE YOUR CARTS PRIOR TO THE START DATE.


What is the reason for the change in trash collection?

The automated collection is becoming a standard industry practice. This type of collection has shown to be very effective at reducing trash disposal costs, increasing overall recycling and making collection more efficient.

Automation is also much safer for the employees as back injuries are very common in the industry.


What size barrels will we receive?

One 65-gallon wheeled cart for trash and one 65-gallon cart for recycling will be provided to each household free of charge.


Will my collection day change?

Collection days will not change.


Will each household get a cart for trash and recyclables?

Yes, each eligible household will receive two (2) Town issued wheeled carts free of charge, one 65-gallon brown cart for trash, and one 65-gallon green cart for recycling.


When will I receive my new carts?

All carts will be delivered during the month of May, 2021


Will my trash cart be collected if the cover is open?

No. Carts with open covers due to overflowing trash will not be collected.


Where do I place my cart?

Carts will be delivered by G. Mello and left curbside in the location that they will be picked up your collection.


Carts will need to be placed curbside with the hinge side away from the street, no more than three (3) feet from the curb with three (3) feet between the carts and at least four (4) feet from obstructions.


Dead end streets, carts will only be allowed on one side of the roadway. During the first weeks of automated collection, G. Mello will leave your carts in the location that it needs to be placed for collection. Please make note of where that is and place the cart in the same location each week.


What if I have an item that will not fit into my trash cart?

Bulk items (one per-household) will be collected six times a year. To purchase “Bulk” item stickers and to arrange for a collection date, please call the Health Department at 978-363-1100 ext 141. Sticker should be placed on item the day of collection.


No construction or demolition material is collected curbside.


What does a bulk item sticker cost?

$20 per items up to 25 pounds. Items over 25-50 pounds require two stickers per item. Over 50 pounds will require prior approval.


How do I obtain a bulk item sticker?

Residents should call the Health Department at 978-363-1100 ext 141 to make arrangements. Staff will issue a bulk sticker and arrange a collection date for the resident.


How many bulk items may I put out for collection?

One (1) item per household per collection, call to make a collection appointment.


How often will bulk items be collected?

Six predetermined dates per year per household. Please visit our website Board of Health page, or call for “Bulk” item collection dates.


Can I use another container besides the Town issued carts for trash and recycling?

If you have purchased a G. Mello cart or feel that your current toter is equal to the durability of the Town issued cart and want to use it, please call 978-363-1100 ext 141 and we will arrange for an inspection by the operation manager from G. Mello. Should you receive approval for non-town issued carts, G. Mello shall not be held liable for damage to the cart.


If my driveway is steep or long and I feel it is too difficult to wheel my cart down my driveway every week, what do I do?

The carts have large wheels, and are designed for weight distribution that makes it easier to transport than the carts found at the box stores. The carts will be earth tone colors and could be left closer to the street, instead of transporting them back to your house.


I have a two-family / in-law apartment, do I get additional carts?

One 65-gallon cart for trash and one 65-gallon cart for recycling will be provided to every legal street (unit) address on Town accepted public roadways.


If we have a large family and/or an in-law apartment and we produce more than 65 gallons of trash what can we do with the extra?

For a fee overflow bagged household trash can be brought to G. Mello’s transfer station in Georgetown (203 East Main Street) and Newbury (75 Boston Road). Or residents may purchase an additional cart for $100 (one time charge) and an annual trash collection sticker (for the additional cart) for $120. Permits will run July 1st and June 30th.


Residents will be given an option to purchase an additional trash and or recycling cart for $100 (one time charge). Residents who purchase an additional cart will be required to purchase annual trash sticker for $120 (monthly pro- rate) for trash to place on the cart for curbside collection. Recycling does not require a collection sticker. Residents that have previously purchased a G. Mello trash or recycling cart may use purchased cart as their “additional overflow” for trash or recycling.


Residents should call the Health Department 978-363-1000 ext 141 to make arrangements or mail a $120 check into the Health Department at 381 Main Street, and the annual trash sticker will be mailed back.


Trash disposal is prohibited at the Pipestave Recycling Center.



How would the carts be handled if I live on a common driveway?

If your mail box is located on the common driveway, then the carts will be picked up on that common driveway (i.e., Kelly Brook Lane). If all mail boxes are grouped at the end of the common driveway (i.e., Old Wharf Lane), then the collection carts will all be picked up at the end (one location) of the driveway.


Can I recycle more than the 65-gallon cart?

Yes, the Pipestave Recycle Center will still be available for any over flow recyclables, or for anyone that does not

want to take advantage of the curbside recycling program. (Disposal of trash is prohibited at the Pipestave Recycling Center.)


Residents will be given an option to purchase an additional recycling cart for $100 (one time charge).


Residents that have previously purchased a cart from G. Mello may use that cart as their “additional” cart for recycling. Please clearly mark the cart “RECYCLE” or contact the Health Department for a free “RECYCLE” sticker.


How do I dispose of my old barrel / recycling bin?

Old barrels / carts / bins can be repurposed around your home, such as rain barrels for vegetable/flower gardens.


Give your old barrels / carts / bins to a friend or family member.


Health Department is looking into arrangements for a special disposal collection date.


Can I write my name and address on the wheeled trash carts?

Please do not write your name on the cart. Residents should write their street name and number and/or unit number on the Town issued cart with a permanent marker (please do not write resident names on the carts, the carts are assigned to the address). Letters and numbers shall not obstruct the cart serial number. Other than the address, resident shall not draw, paint, deface, tamper or damage any Town issued cart.


What if my cart is stolen?

All Town issued carts are property of the Town of West Newbury. Stolen carts should be immediately reported to the Police Department. A copy of the Police report should be forwarded to the Health Department to request a replacement cart. Replacement carts are $100.00 each.


What if I sell my home, do I take my carts with me?

No. Town issued carts are to remain at the household in which they were delivered. Each cart is scanned and linked to the address it was delivered to. Town issued carts are the property of the Town of West Newbury.


What if I buy a house and there are no carts?

You are responsible to make sure that the Town issued cart is available at the property. If not, replacement carts are $100.


New construction homes on Town accepted public road ways will receive a set of carts.


Can I opt out of the automated curbside collection?

We strongly recommend that all households participate in the Town wide automated curbside collection service. However, a household (at their own expense) can arrange for a private hauler to collect their household trash and recycling.