Solid Waste & Recycling Information

G. Mello Disposal Corp. is pleased to be the City of Amesbury’s provider for a cleaner and healthier environment.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

Recycling overflow can be put in a barrel permanently marked Recycling, in a blue bin or in a clear plastic bag. Recyclable items
will not be picked up in black or non-see-through bags, even if marked recycling. Recycling stickers are available at the Public Works Department for barrels if needed.


Bulk Items

Starting July 1, 2012 Bulk Items will no longer be free to dispose. Each residence that has City curbside collection will be allowed to dispose of one item a week on their curbside trash collection day with a BULK ITEM STICKER. The sticker can be purchased for $5.00 each at the Public Works Department. Items include any large non-metal household items such as a piece of furniture, a mattress, box spring, toilet, sink or one room of carpeting that must be cut in 4 foot sections and bound. G. MELLO WILL NOT PICK-UP ITEMS THAT DO NOT HAVE A STICKER. Please plan ahead if moving or cleaning out. Items cannot sit out in the rain. Other options for bulk item disposal are taking your items to G. Mello Disposal transfer station in Georgetown or call the office to rent a container at 978-352-8581.

Tips on reducing waste

Your curbside trash pickup will remain on the same day until further notice. Each residence is limited to THREE 35-GALLON BARRELS OR FIVE BAGS per week. No more than 50 lbs per barrel or bag. Trash exceeding the limit will be left at the curb uncollected. Remember the best way to keep the Town’s costs down is to RECYCLE!

Curbside Recycling Has Gotten Even Easier!

The Town of Amesbury has moved to single stream automated recycling. All curbside recycling can now be placed in the same recycling bin. Each residence has been given a 64 GALLON cart to be used for recycling only. This cart belongs to the residence and should not be taken when the current resident moves. If you are new to town and do not have a cart or if you would like to purchase an additional cart ($70), please contact G. Mello Disposal at 978-352-8581.

Click here for more information on single stream recycling