Town of Newbury Transfer Station Now “Pay-As-You-Throw”


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
7:30 am-3:30 pm


Town of Newbury Makes Transfer Station Changes

Increase in recycling and “pay-as-you-throw” program to increase revenues

The Town of Newbury today announced that it is entering  into a “public/private partnership” with G. Mello Disposal Corp. to manage the Newbury Transfer Station on Boston Road. The Town of Newbury will partner with G. Mello Disposal, who provides residential trash pick- up to many Newbury residents, to manage the Town’s transfer station and change the system to a pay-as-you-throw program.

The agreement with G. Mello will change multiple facets of the transfer station operation. Beginning January 1, 2013, the Town will eliminate the sticker program and the current division of responsibilities at the transfer station. G. Mello will take over the day to day operation of the transfer station. As a public/private partnership, the Town will not pay G. Mello, but each entity will retain 50% of the net income of the operation. These monies will be added back into the Town’s general fund.

“With everyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint, the Town saw this as an opportunity to encourage both an increase in recycling and a decrease in trash from our residents,” said Newbury Board of Health Chairman Steve Fram. “The town will not pay any operating costs associated with the transfer station starting January 1st and expects to see a profit that can be utilized elsewhere in the Town’s operating budget.”

The pay-as-you-throw program will replace the annual sticker program. Residents who currently pay $175 per year for a sticker to utilize the transfer station, will now pay $1 for a small bag and $2 for a large bag. Recycling will be free with the goal to increase recycling among town residents and therefore lowering residents’ trash costs. An average household with one large bag of trash per week will now pay $104 per year, which represents more than a $70 savings.

“In the past residents paid a flat fee for the entire year, regardless of how much trash they created,” said Jason Mello, Vice President of Operations at G. Mello. “A pay-as-you-throw program is the perfect opportunity for each household to take responsibility for themselves and decrease their costs by recycling more, paying only for what they actually throw away, and helping the town’s financial situation in the meantime.”

There will be no limit to the number of bags or recycling brought to the transfer station and there will be additional fees associated with large items and/or white goods. All questions regarding the new program including pricing may be addressed to G. Mello Disposal at 978-352-8581.