The Georgetown Transfer Station will now be closed to commercial customers and contractors on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
In addition, we will close as soon as we have hit our limit each weekday without notice. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.




Frequently Asked Questions

Hard to Dispose of Items and Where to Bring Them

Crow Lane Recycling Center is open the first Saturday of every month, 8 am to 12 pm. Call for additional weekday hours. 978-499-0413

  • Air conditioners contain Freon. Bring to Recycling Center. Fee applies.*
  • Antifreeze – Bring to Recycling Center, no fee. *
  • Appliances – Bring to scrap metal dealer or to Recycling Center. Fee applies.* – Asphalt, brick, concrete, or clean fill – Miles River, 978-356-2290 or asphalt only, Brox 978-356-7475
  • Automotive Fluids – Some (motor oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze) can be brought Recycling Center* Others, especially flammable liquids, will be accepted on Household Hazardous Waste Days (see p. 3).
  • Batteries: Bring to City Hall Health Dept., or to Recycling Center*.
  • Bicycles: Bring to Recycling Center.
  • Books – Donate to local libraries for book sales, or offer to Jabberwocky Bookstore for credit. If books are not accepted, drop in Recycle That containers at Kent Street park
  • Cardboard – Take large amounts to Recycling Center*. For Mello curbside, it must be no more than 3 feet long or wide, must be flattened
  • and bound by string, twine or tape.
  • Carpets and rugs – Put out on trash day with bulk sticker that can be purchased for $5 each on city website. Please cut or roll and tie into 4-foot sections. No more than four rolls per sticker. Only one item per week.
  • Cartons – Milk, juice, and broth cartons now go in trash.
  • Cell phones and ink jet cartridges – Bring to Health Department in City Hall or to Recycling Center.*
  • Clothing/Textiles – See textiles below.
  • Computers, monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice, chargers, cords – Recycling Center*. Fees for computers/monitors.
  • Confidential Material – Save for next shredding day
  • Construction material, toilets and non-metal sinks and doors – Call G. Mello Disposal, 978-352-8581 .
  • Cooking Grease & Oil – Never put grease or oil down the drain. Bring used oil to the Recycling Center. Cool or freeze grease in a waxed container and throw it away in your trash.
  • Dehumidifiers – Bring to Recycling Center. Fee applies.* – Electronics – Bring to Recycling Center. Fee applies for larger items.*
  • Fluorescent light bulbs – Bring to Recycling Center.*
  • Foam Plastics – #6 (Styrofoam,) white only. #4 “squishy” foam packaging (LDPE), any color. Bring to Recycling Center.*
  • Furniture (nonmetal) – if you can’t donate it to a drop off or pick up service or an on line site-then put on trash day with bulk sticker that can be purchased on the City’s website under online services.
  • Gas grills – Remove propane tank and rocks bring to scrap metal dealer or Recycling Center first for drop off
  • Glass – Jars and bottles go in curbside recycling. Incandescent bulbs go in the trash. Fluorescent bulbs to Recycling Center*. Windows, see below. Wrap broken glass with tape for the trash. Glasses, Pyrex, and dishes for re-use. See pg 2. – Grease/Oil – Never put down the drain. Bring to Recycling Center or cool and put in your trash.
  • Gutters – Aluminum gutters may be brought to scrap metal dealer or brought to Recycling Center.* Wood gutters may be brought to disposal company like G. Mello Disposal, 978-352-8581.
  • Helium Tanks – Bring to Recycling Center. Fees apply.*
  • Latex paints – For curbside pick up, dry paint completely, set next to trash with lid on loosely. Use kitty litter for fast drying. Only four cans per week.
  • Lumber – Call disposal company like G. Mello Disposal, 978-352-8581.
  • Mercury products- such as thermostats & thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, barometers – Bring to Recycling Center.*
  • Metal Goods – Appliances, bikes, water heaters, etc. go to scrap metal dealer or Recycling Center*. Fees may apply. – Microwaves – Bring to Recycling Center. Small fee applies.*
  • Mirrors – Cover most of the surface with tape to keep glass from shattering. If it doesn’t fit in a trash can, buy a bulk sticker on City website, click “online services” on the home page
  • Motor oil (used) – Bring to Recycling Center. Fee applies.* – Needles/Syringes/Lancets: Must be disposed of properly. See page 7.
  • Oil-based paint – Bring to one of Household Hazardous Waste Days (see p. 3). Fee applies.
  • NEW Plastics—rigid items such as trash cans, plan equipment, etc. No metal parts. Can be brought to Recycling Center*. – Plastic Bags – All plastic bags must be recycled at supermarkets. – Propane tanks – Bring to Recycling Center. Fee applies.*
  • Recyclables – Large quantities of recyclable containers and newspapers may be brought to G. Mello Disposal, 978-352-8581.
  • Refrigerators and Freezers – See National Grid website for pick up or call 1-877-889-4761 for pick-ups and possible rebate. – Smoke Detectors – Bring to City Hall Health Department or Recycling Center*. – Solvents, chemicals, pesticides, etc – Bring to next Household Hazardous Waste Day  Fees apply.
  • Styrofoam– WHITE packing forms only. Please remove stickers/tape. No food containers. Bring to the Recycling Center.* Peanuts go to Pak-Mail – Televisions – working flatscreen TVs that were made within the last five years can be donated to Goodwill in Seabrook. Best Buy accepts some TVs (call to verify). Any TV can be dropped off at the Recycling Center*. Fees apply. – Textiles – Old clothing, shoes, blankets, pillows, stuffed animal etc. leave in white recycling bins at Nock/Molin School or Bresnahan School parking lot, Recycling Center or Yard Waste Facility. Items in good condition will be reused. Others will be recycled.
  • Tires – Bring to Recycling Center. $3 fee per tire.*
  • Toxic/Hazardous Chemicals – Bring to Household Hazardous Waste Day. Fees apply.
  • Windows – Disposal company like G. Mello Disposal, 978-352-8581.
  • Wooden items – Large wooden items (other than furniture with bulk stickers from the Recycling Department) will not be accepted at the curb. Call disposal company like G. Mello Disposal, 978-352-8581