The Georgetown Transfer Station will now be closed to commercial customers and contractors on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
In addition, we will close as soon as we have hit our limit each weekday without notice. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.



Trash is collected once a week. Recyclables are picked up every other week. See Recycling A & B week street listing here

Holidays: The SIX observed holidays in 2023-2024 are Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Memorial Day. 

Trash is limited to 6 15-gallon bags or 3 (32 gal) barrels per household each week. Barrels 64 gallons and larger will not be picked up.

Do not fill the barrel above the rim. Please bag all trash and clean up after your pick up. Put trash out after 5 PM the day before and before 7 AM the day of pick up. Bring empty barrels back in by 6 PM.

Bulk Items: for furniture and carpet (cut in 4-foot sections) must have a bulk sticker attached. No construction debris, large appliances or metal items allowed. Fees subject to change. Only one bulk item per week. Bulk stickers can be purchased at the customer service windows at Shaw’s, Market Basket and at Richdale’s on Pleasant Street or online for $5.

Bulk stickers can also be ordered online. Visit Cost is $5 per item, one item out per week.

Mattresses and Textiles: items such as old clothes and fabrics are banned from trash disposal in Massachusetts. All must be recycled. Textile bins can be found near Nock/Molin or Bresnahan school driveways.

Mattress Recycling: so long as a mattress or box spring is dry, it can be recycled by UTEC for $20 (will be $30 come July 1st). Call 978-499-0413 to register for a UTEC pick-up, or call to arrange to drop it off at the Newburyport Recycle Center. Futon mattresses are considered trash and should be disposed of with a bulk sticker.

Mattresses and Box Springs: if in good condition, they may find a new home via Newburyport Virtual Yard Sale, FreeCycle, or

Construction Materials: (including toilets and sinks) must be taken to a disposal site and are not allowed in the trash. See list on page 4.

Latex Paint: dry it out, set up to 4 paint cans next to your trash, and put the lids on loosely. Use kitty litter for fast drying.

If your trash barrel does not have a hinged lid, please consider finding a way to attach the lid to the barrel.